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a welcome post of sorts

Just assume that new_fedora is over to the side, nodding along.

Okay, so some of you who're here have some idea of what The Book is about. Some of you don't.

For those of you who don't, it's an epic sort of tale about progress vs. tradition, racial and ethnic conflict, the politics of myth, and lots of other pretentious things. It's got some really unforgivable Biblical parallels in it and more worldbuilding than is really healthy. It's also high fantasy, so it's got dragons and demons and swords and magic and shit like that. If that kind of thing isn't your cuppa tea, s'aright. Scram. We won't be hurt.

But if you're into it, then please, read and give us a kick in the ass once in a while. Make us write this. It's a story we've been meaning to tell for a while now, and we want to tell it well.

Anyway, the deal is this: the entries are locked. In order to read, you have to join the community. It's a moderated community, so a little email thingie will be sent, and I'll authorize you. Well, assuming one of us knows you. If you're a complete stranger, sure, we'll probably let you in, but we might ask you to introduce yourself first.

I think that's it. Comments are welcome, critique is welcome, large sums of money are very, very welcome. On with the show!
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Readin' bookstuffs, YAY!

I'm glad to hear this, up until now I've just heard little bits about the book from new_fedora (Sorry, don't know how to make it all purty and clickable) If you need a person to poke at you with a stick from the sidelines, I'm the one to do it. ^-^
It's lj user="name here" in < >, FYI. :)

I'm glad people want to read our crappy, crappy stuff! Every request I get for membership sends my heart a-pitter-pattering with joy.